International Exchange

International Exchange

Center for International Affairs

As relationships with Asia and other nations around the world are becoming increasingly closer, the role of KSU’s international exchange programs is also becoming increasingly important.

Since its opening in April 1999 with the purpose of dealing with globalization, the Center for International Affairs has been the university’s primary organization for promoting a wide range of international exchange activities, including receiving international students, administration of exchange student programs and exchange agreements with overseas universities. KSU, where many international students are studying, offers opportunities to experience cross-cultural interaction on a daily basis, especially with exchange partner universities.

Academic Exchange and Overseas Training

As its first step to globalization, KSU entered into an academic exchange agreement with Tianjin University, China, in November 1990. Since then, KSU has concluded exchange agreements with 24 schools in 10 nations and regions. KSU is actively involved in a wide range of activities, such as academic students exchange programs, friendship exchanges among students, and cultural and sports exchanges.

Through KSU’s annual overseas training program, a large number of students visit private enterprises, universities and museums throughout Europe, the U.S. and Southeast Asia every year, broadening their international perspectives.

Student Exchange System

Ever since the student exchange system was launched in FY 1996, KSU has sent many students to affiliated institutions overseas, and at the same time, actively received students from those schools, in order to provide them with opportunities to directly encounter different cultures and develop global perspectives and knowledge. KSU provides various forms of unique support, including accreditation for a specific number of credits while students are abroad, as well as scholarships, to encourage students to establish themselves in a future global society.

Exchange Agreement Universities

Nation and Region Partner institution name Signed (month and year)
USA Abilene Christian University December 11, 1996
University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu July 30, 2019
England Leeds Beckett University August 9, 1996
Korea Chungnam National University
College of Economics and Management
February 18, 1993
University of Ulsan
College of Design and Architecture
April 21, 1999
Dongseo University
College of Design
May 24, 1999
Dongguk University January 16, 2002
Dong-A University February 14, 2005
Pusan National University August 31, 2012
Ewha Womans University
School of Business
March 25, 2014
Pai Chai University August 30, 2019
Busan University of Foreign Studies
College of International Studies
July 18, 2023
China Tianjin University November 4, 1990
Shanghai University of
Engineering Science
School of Art Design
June 11, 1999
Renmin University of China April 2, 2001
Taiwan Tainan University of Technology
College of Arts, College of Design
February 4, 2020
Shih Chien University
College of Business and Information
February 21, 2020
Thailand Walailak University
School of Engineering and Technology
October 29, 2019
Chiang Mai University
Faculty of Business Administration
November 23, 2019
Indonesia Sanata Dharma University November 27, 2019
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology
Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures
December 3, 2019
Germany Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design July 19, 2002
France EBABX Fine Arts School of Bordeaux December 20, 1994
Lille Catholic University March 24, 2003