About KSU
Chairman Tokihisa Ichinose
President Taisuke Sakaki

Founding Philosophy


Unification of Industry and Academia

The academia must move in close coordination with the industry to meet the needs of the society of the times.

Founding Motto

Promotion of self-awareness as a citizen and the spirit of the middle path Establishment of practicality-oriented academic traditions

It stands for the development of graduates with a broad perspective, an unbounded outlook, and excellent judgment who are capable of playing leading roles in society.
This principles is vital to realization of our funding ideal “Unification of Industry and Academia”.

As modern society is becoming increasingly diversified and interdependent due to rapid internationalization and computerization, the international community has begun to seek a new world order based on ideas such as respect for humanity and the global environment. In addition, the advance of information and telecommunication technology is creating an information-intensive society where the world can be connected instantly through communication networks, necessitating the rebuilding of systems in science, politics, the economy and all other areas.

Kyushu Sangyo University (KSU) declares as its philosophy that it promotes self-awareness as a citizen and the spirit of the middle path and establishes practicality-oriented academic traditions. In contrast, KSU aspires to foster human resources that can take leadership in society with a broad perspective, unbound spirit and keen judgment. This philosophy is essential to realize our founding ideal -unification of industry and academia - which we pursue in our strong belief that industry and academia must be unified to interactively work like two wheels of a vehicle to meet the societal needs of the times.

Based on this philosophy and ideal, we aim to realize education focusing on the following:

  1. Develop students’ creativity, and encourage them to learn both theory and its practical application in a balanced way
  2. Promote students’ understanding of diversified cultures around the world as well as Japanese culture, and develop their sensitivity to interact with each culture
  3. Pay attention to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole by taking advantage of our location in Kyushu


Kyushu Sangyo University aspires to develop practicality-oriented and passionate human resources with a rich sense of humanity in order to meet the expectations of industrial circles.

Vision towards the 100th Anniversary

The University That Designs New Knowledge and Regions
– Beyond conventions. Beyond constraints. –

Med-Term Plan(2021-2030)

A university leading in unique fusion education in the Humanities, Science and Art to inspire the globally active next generation.