Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University

Facilities and Affiliated Research Institutes

The Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University opened in April 2002, as the first university art museum in Kyushu. The museum aims to vitalize art education and research and to contribute to the promotion of local cultural and art activities through collaboration and exchange with local communities especially in northern Kyushu.

The art museum boasts a collection of approximately 1,000 works covering a wide range of genres, such as painting, printing, sculpture, ceramic art, dyeing and weaving, lacquer crafts, metal crafts, design, and photography. In April 2002, the Fukuoka Prefectural Board of Education designated the museum as a “museum-equivalent institution” in terms of museum law. The museum functions as an OJT facility for students in KSU’s curator training course.

The museum serves as a cultural center for local residents to appreciate works of art, and also regularly holds creative education programs for children, students, seniors and people with disabilities.

The museum received the 18th Fukuoka Urban Beautification Award (general sector) from Fukuoka City in FY 2004, the 5th Fukuoka Prefecture Ambitious Youth Program Award (group award) in FY 2007, and the Fukuoka Mutual-Support Society Creation Award (community contribution activity award) from Fukuoka Prefecture in FY 2010.

Main collection

The art museum houses a wide variety of collections, including paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, dyed and woven handicrafts, lacquer crafts, Metal Works, designs and photographs, reflecting the diversity of courses offered in the Faculty of Art and Design (Fine Arts and Media Sciences, Photography and Imaging Arts, Visual Design, Living Environment Design and Social Design).


Harue Koga, Hirosuke Tasaki, Takeo Yamaguchi, Zenzo Sakamoto, Gyoji Nomiyama, etc.


Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Hanjiro Sakamoto, Yasuo Kazuki, Chimei Hamada, etc.


Hiroatsu Takata, Tomonori Toyofuku, Yoshinori Yasunaga, Tsuneo Nishi, Shinpachiro Harada, etc.


Sakaida Kakiemon XIV, Imaemon Imaizumi XIII, Manji Inoue, Ryuzan Aoki, Hiroshi Nakashima, etc.

Dyed and woven handicrafts

Kisaburo Ogawa, Takao Ushio, Shigeto Suzuta, Kyoko Kumai, etc.

Lacquer crafts

Fumio Mae, Kiichiro Masumura, Kazumi Murose, Sousui Suda, etc.

Metal Crafts

Akira Saito, Jihei Suzuki, Daiyu Nishi, Yasuki Hiramatsu, Mitsuhiko Horiguchi, etc.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Hans J. Wegner, etc.


Ikko Narahara, Tsuneo Enari, Shoji Ueda, Shomei Tomatsu, etc.

Opening hours 10:00 to 17:00 (entrance closes at 16:30)
Closed on Mondays
Admission Adults/ ¥200 (individual) / ¥100 (group)
Students/ ¥100 (individual) / ¥50 (group)

●Senior high school students and younger people are free of charge.
●A group fee is applicable to any group of 20 or more people.
●Seniors aged 65 or over, holders of medical passbook, physical disability passbook or health and welfare passbook for the mentally disabled, as well as their caregivers, and “Wa + club” members of the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion, are entitled to a reduction or an exemption from admission fees.