Facilities and Affiliated Research Institutes

Located on a hill on the campus property, KSU’s library, a brick building with four stories above ground and one story below, collects, classifies and stores books and information necessary for research and education activities. Such library materials are available for use not only by KSU’s students and faculty but also for the general public.

Library facilities include 40 PCs, 30 notebook PCs, and 20 AV booths. Also, the library has a browsing room on the first floor and a lounge on the third floor, where library users can relax.

Learning support

The library contains textbooks actually used in KSU’s classes, as well as books and reference materials designated in KSU’s syllabuses.

Career support

The library contains textbooks and other materials useful for job hunting and qualification acquisition.

Research support

The library provides access to a wide variety of electronic databases. Also, to support campus life of KSU’s students, the library contains bestselling books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, and etc.

Collection (As of the end of March 2022)

Kyushu Sangyo University Kyushu Sangyo University,
Zokei Junior College of
Art and Design
Japanese 543,460 29,849
International 253,723 3,617
Total 797,183 33,466
Audio-visual materials
Japanese 14,675 1,016
International 4,052 37
Total 18,727 1,053
*The number of books indicated above includes these audio-visual materials.
Japanese 2,423 -
International 3,075 -
Total 5,498 -
Electronic journals 11,531 -
Electronic databases 17 -