Careers after Graduation

Careers after Graduation

KSU’s Career Education and support

KSU’s Career Support Center provides opportunities for students to begin thinking about their future careers when they are freshmen, and fully preparing themselves for future job-hunting activities. The center helps all KSU job seekers secure the jobs they want.

The center comprises the following two sections: the Career Education Section, which offers career educational support for freshmen and sophomores; and the Career Support Section, which provides future path and job-hunting support for juniors and seniors.

A wide variety of career support programs are available: Career Development Basic Theory for freshmen, which was launched in FY 2011 as a subject to enhance career education; Career Support Seminar I for freshmen to learn about the employment environment for university students and what they can do during their time at university; Career Support Seminar II for all grades; and research of public servants. By implementing these measures, KSU offers opportunities for students to develop their awareness about future careers (and work) even when freshmen or sophomores.

KSU offers juniors job-hunting support with consideration given to companies’ recruiting efforts, such as holding 3 employment guidance sessions to provide necessary information for students to promote their job-hunting activities. Moreover, KSU invites many excellent companies from Fukuoka as well as from the rest of Japan and holds 1 joint company seminar at KSU. Furthermore, in response to requests of companies and police headquarters of different prefectures, employment information sessions and selection examinations are held at KSU.

In the field of career support, KSU emphasizes individual counseling. To relieve each student’s anxiety and worry, KSU offers one-on-one guidance with due consideration given to the student’s situation. KSU provides concrete advice, corrects his/her entry sheets and CVs, and holds mock job interviews. By promoting these support activities, KSU helps students build their confidence in satisfying the very strict selection criteria established by companies.

Junior Adviser/Career Adviser

The Junior Adviser System was established in FY 2003 by volunteer KSU students. Under this unique system, which marks its 20th this year, job-hunting support is provided “by students for students.” In or after November, senior students who have secured jobs provide advice and support based on their actual job-hunting experiences for junior students who are beginning their job-hunting activities.

It is certain that KSU’s Career Support Center organizes a broad range of support events, such as employment guidance sessions, and provides a wide variety of advice through individual counseling. However, senior students who have just finished job-hunting activities can offer the latest information and advice directly to juniors, and in this sense, junior advisers might be more familiar to job-hunting students. Furthermore, such trustworthy advisers offer third year students advice on what should be done during their university days to prepare for job hunting.

These junior advisers continue providing support even after graduation. As career advisers, they participate in job-hunting support events organized by the Career Support Center, in order to provide KSU students with job-hunting advice and support. At such events, they speak about their job-hunting experiences and what should be done during the students’ time at university. Also, from the viewpoint of working adults and members of companies, they explain how to prepare as workers and offer advice to individual students.


Regarding internship programs as one of the most important elements of career education, KSU encourages students to actively participate in such programs. The Kyushu Sangyo University Internship, an original program at KSU, and a program organized by the Kyushu Internship Promotion Council draw many students every year, with the number of participants at 274 in FY 2013, 354 in FY 2014, 387 in FY 2015, 365 in FY 2016, 399 in FY 2017, 339 in FY 2018, 284 in FY 2019, 277 in FY 2020, 234 in FY 2021 and 442 in FY2022.

Employment Results of KSU Alumni who Graduated in March 2023 (as of May 1,2023)

*including the number of students who graduated in the first semester

Number of graduates Number of graduates admitted to graduate school Number of students who applied for positions Number of graduates who offered positions
International Studies of Culture 121 3 100 100
Human Sciences 210 8 183 183


349 1 306 303


437 5 390 388
259 1 230 229
Commerce(old) 10 0 8 8


6 0 3 3
Science and Engineering
313 12 288 287

Life Science

81 7 71 71
Architecture and Civil Engineering 170 6 158 158
Information Science 1 0 0 0
Engineering 4 0 3 3
Art and Design 277 14 210 204
Total 2,238 57 1,950 1,937

Job offer by Region(Headquarters Location)

Employment by Region(Headquarters Location)