Computing and Networking Center

Facilities and Affiliated Research Institutes

This center is designed to “improve information education”, “computerizing education”, and “develop office functions” as an ICT support organization. As a common facility with 1,350 computers, it is intended to offer a better ICT service for students as well as faculty members.

Our main services are the operation and maintenance control of campus network which is connected to more than 10,000 information technology devices, the development and management of education, research and office data work system, seminar of information literacy for students, seminar of national qualification exams related to ICTs, and seminar of private-sector qualification exams.


Our center provides 1,350 PCs capable of using more than 120 application systems which are necessary for conducting study research. Furthermore, we have a Wi-Fi environment of more than 700 places inside campus. The Office365 software is valid for 4 years free of charge.

Educational Support

We offer a curriculum course for the purpose of passing a private qualification examination for information processing.

Extra curriculum for the qualification exams

We provide 26 extra curriculum course of 16 categories aimed to pass the private –sector qualification exams of information handling.

Seminar of PC skill up

We offer free seminars for new students who want to learn information literacy. Students attending the seminar will acquire the basic PC skills required for campus life. In addition, you can use not only Office skills such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but also the basic functions of Adobe.

Support system

If the students feel they need help when using the PC at our center, they are always free to ask our 4 student assistants or system engineer anytime.