Boasting 50 years of history as an art junior college, Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design has so far produced approximately 10,500 graduates, who are now very active in a wide variety of fields, such as fine art, manga, crafts, design, and photography.

Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design is one of the largest art junior colleges in Japan. The college is proud of being outstanding not only in terms of the scale, but also in terms of the education quality – excellent instructors, splendid facilities and equipment, and friendly atmosphere created between students and faculty thanks to small class sizes. In addition, compared with a four-year college, the junior college is very favorable in terms of school fees.

Every year, Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design produces graduates who transfer to the third year of a course at a national university or at a four-year art college. For each of those who wish to follow such a path, the college offers advice and instructions. Particularly noteworthy is the transfer to the Faculty of Art and Design of Kyushu Sangyo University. Since this affiliated university accepts transfer of college students based on recommendation by the college, more than 10 students go on to the university every year.

The college also focuses on support for job hunting. The college invites instructors and holds seminars even for first-year students. Moreover, some of the college faculty members have a career counseling qualification and they provide advice to each of the college students.

Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design is comprised of a single department, the Department of Art and Design. The educational system of the college is organized to allow first-year students to learn the basics of plastic arts from a broad range of perspectives, without deciding their specialized field at the time of their enrolment at the college. Trying a variety of subjects that will interest them, students can gradually narrow down the options for their special field. In the former part of the second year, students select their field from 3 categories. In the latter of part of the year, they select their major from 10 categories and begin to create their graduation works.

Fukuoka, home to the college, is a lively city where many young artists promote their activities vigorously. Featuring many galleries where students present and exhibit their works, the city is a perfect environment for you to exert yourself to make your dream come true.

Helping students develop theiroverall power as human beings

The two years at the junior college are extremely important for students seeking jobs or admission to KSU and other universities. The college believes that this is why it is essential not only to offer them opportunities to acquire technical knowledge and techniques but also to help them develop their overall capacities as human beings, ensuring that they have confidence and pursue their goals in their future.

Taking advantage of its small-group education, Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design is committed to developing overall power as human beings, under the three main policies of “innovative specialized education with 10 majors under one department,” “comprehensive liberal arts education” and “detailed career education.”

Innovative Specialized Education

Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design maintains a distinctive system of 1 department with 10 majors, providing diverse educational content and a rich variety of curriculums. For instance, it is possible to major in illustration but at the same time also study ceramics in detail, and get a good grasp of graphic design and photography.

  • ● Effective curriculums with 3 fields and 10 majors
  • ● Educational system in which students can choose either to concentrate on their selected course or to combine several programs
  • ● Full support for students who wish to secure a job or go on to a higher-level school, with consideration given to their wishes and aptitude
  • ● Flexible combination of programs to fit the individuality of each student
  • ● Curriculums reflecting regional characteristics and traditions
  • ● Attentive small-group education
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