Faculty of Fine Arts
The Faculty of Fine Arts provides an education and research environment incorporating a wide range of fine arts fields, such as design, painting, craft, photography, and video. Pursuing the possibilities of expression and cultivating the sensibility of each student, the faculty assist students in building up their abilities as a true artist and to create universal beauty.
Department of Fine Arts and Media Science
  • Painting Course
  • Sculpturing Cource
  • Media Arts and Sciences Course
The Department of Fine Arts and Media Science strives to develop students who have the ability to contribute to artistic culture both locally and globally. To this end, students strive to hone not only their creativity in the visual arts, but also the development of their aesthetic senses, and have opportunities to learn traditional and modern methods of artistic expression.
Department of Photography and Imaging Arts
  • Photography Course
  • Imaging Arts Course
The Department of Photography and Imaging Arts seeks to develop industry professionals who are able to apply the latest photography and image processing techniques in a wide range of settings, particularly in the service of actively and creatively imparting a message to our diversifying society.
Department of Visual Design
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Illustration Design Course
The Department of Visual Design aims to educate visual design professionals who have the ability to keep pace with the rapid diversification of visual communication today. Graduates contribute to society through the application of both analog and digital techniques, built on a foundation of world-class editing and communication skills.
Department of Living Environment Design
  • Metal,Ceramic and Textile Design Course
  • Product Design Course
  • Display,Interior and Fashion Design Course
With an aim to contribute to the improvement of interior living spaces, the Department of Living Environment Design relies on expressive techniques, both traditional and modern, to develop interior design professionals who exhibit creativity and a well-rounded sense of spatial composition.
Department of Social Design
  • Information Design Course
  • Regional Brand Design Course
Based on the premise that design itself has the power to convey information, the Department of Social Design aims to produce designers with a broad outlook on the profession who possess the ability to make use of IT and project planning skills to actively collaborate with regional communities and industries. The primary goal of the department is to contribute to the formation of a more prosperous society.


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