Faculty of Engineering
The world of engineering study is full of opportunities to learn a wide variety of technologies and manufacturing methods useful to society, ranging from basic manufacturing practice to the most-advanced technologies. Conveying the pleasure of engineering, namely turning dreams and wishes into reality, the faculty develops talented human resources who can launch the development of new technologies needed in society today.
Department of Biorobotics
Students in the Department of Biorobotics first acquire fundamental knowledge regarding the underlying technologies of robotics and consumer electronics. Students then hone their field-specific expertise by focusing on leading-edge technologies such as robotics and medical/assistive technologies.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering acquire knowledge relating to tensile strength, wave theory, thermodynamics, technical drawing, industrial processing, and other topics. Such knowledge is essential for the design and manufacture of machines that assist people in their daily lives.
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Electrical and electronic technologies, together with information and telecommunications technologies, have become critical to nearly every domain of life. The structured curricula offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are applicable in real world contexts.
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry offers curricula grounded in three areas of study that have received increased attention in the 21st century: life science, materials science, and environmental science. Students studying in this department work to acquire domain-specific knowledge in accordance with their specific aspirations for the future.
Department of Civil and Urban Design Engineering
The Department of Civil and Urban Design Engineering is built on a variety of disciplines, including architecture, urban design, gardening, greening, ecology, and urban infrastructure. Students in this department acquire professional expertise about landscape design, human-centered urban planning, and urban greening.
Department of Architecture
The field of architecture includes single-family residences, cultural facilities, high-rise buildings, and historical structures, as well as issues regarding cities, communities, and urban environments. The Department of Architecture approaches this wide range of issues from three academic perspectives: functionality; environmental comfort and energy conservation; and safety and durability. Students examine the underlying philosophies and interrelationships of these perspectives, studying architectural design in an integrated fashion.
Department of Housing and Interior Design
The Department of Housing and Interior Design seeks to develop architects and interior design specialists who have the ability to plan spaces in home, office, and retail settings. In addition to mastering the fundamentals of design, technical drawing, and CAD systems, students also participate in a design competition and complete a graduation project.


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